Little house of horrors…

House of Pain This past weekend I worked on my house of pain, so I thought it appropriate to include a photo (click to enlarge) of the House of Pain gym in my hometown.

I tore out my bathtub and reset it. This was a major project that once finished looked like I had not done anything but needed to be done so I can finish the larger project.  Now that the shower is properly set, I can start the finish work on the walls.

On another note, maybe I won’t have to do any of this. I’m not holding my breath, but I got an unsolicited inquiry today asking if my house is for sale. I’m telling you, if this person is even remotely interested and is willing to give me break-even money for my house I’m outa here! They can have it. I’ll go rent an apartment on a month-to-month basis until I can get a job in another city then I’ll leave permanently.

OK, that’s cart before horse as I doubt anything will come of the inquiry. Still it would be nice. I’ve learned a lot about stuff using this home and the next one will be a better purchase.


7 Responses to “Little house of horrors…”

  1. Okay, so lets say you do sell your house, where might you move? Isn’t North Carolina a nice place to live? Would you consider moving North? It is cold up here. Or west? California is so expensive. Or South? Florida is expensive and filled with retired folks. I just don’t want you to do anything that you may live to regret. If your sure it is the right thing to do than go for it. I don’t know what kind of work you do so I can’t help you there. I’m afraid if you move you will find you brought all the baggage with you that you hoped to get away from. Still a new start in a new place may be what the Doctor ordered. As you say though right now it is all hypothetical. Give it some more thought and if your sure it is not the lack of meds talking then a new state and a new job are great news. CQ I trust your decision and will be happy for you no matter what.

  2. Location is yet to be determined. Honestly? If I thought I could get a job and be able to make wise real estate investments I’d move back to Wyoming in a heartbeat.

    Places currently under consideration:

    Atlanta, GA
    Boston, MA
    Western Washington State
    Western Oregon
    Extreme Northwestern California
    Denver, CO (consolation prize to WY)

    If things in my life don’t improve soon I may just go buy a little 10×10 shack in Montana and start mailing letters to people.

    The cold doesn’t bother me that much… maybe in a few years it will, but right now I’m not so worried about it.

  3. If I get a package from you should I be afraid to open It? Say how about adding Bloomington, Indiana to your list? Ask Adam, it’s a great place to live and not as cold as Montana.

  4. I would suggest Bloomington, but job prospects in Bloomington are miserable–there are too many highly educated people chasing too few skilled jobs.

    Keep us posted!

  5. See, I can’t help you CQ cause I don’t know what your prefered occupation is. The Crane Army and Navy Depot is near Bloomington and they give preferential hiring to those with service time. My Dad retired from there and my brother works there now. They are always looking for those with an Electronics background but have use for many other vocations. That’s all i’ll say on the subject, good luck.

  6. I’m more into marketing, specifically research and demographics. I am currently working in the capacity of sales support. I tell a sales staff the who, what, where, why, how of the people they are selling to.

  7. Then the only place here in Indiana you might work would probably be Indianapolis. I would think the medical field would need your precise services. Eli Lily in Indy or Pfizer in Terre Haute. I know the one in Terre Haute is hiring. Steve Martin once said Terre haute was the most nowhere city in America. He visited the city and boy did they prove him wrong. They took him down 3rd street past all the fast food places and shipped in a Lobster dinner with all the trimmings. You can apply for a career in your chosen field with Pfizer on line at Still if your heart is in Wyoming I think your cute body should follow it there.

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