You got your chocolate in my peanut butter…

Tick-tock.  Now I’m getting rounds of “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter…”  “No, you got your peanut butter in my chocolate…”

Why is the fucking medical community so stupid?  Something I find absolutely amazing given they are supposed to be highly educated.  My saga continues.

Cast of my melodrama

  • Dr. No – AKA my Specialist
  • Dr. I don’t wanna – AKA as my General Practitioner
  • Dr. Not gonna see you soon – AKA as Potential New Specialist
  • Wonderful clinic that can’t see you soon – AKA WFU Hospital

My prescription is running out – 20 days left.  I explained this in my post yesterday.  The new specialist apparently can’t see me before the scheduled appointment, even if the idea is to maintain my current prescription.  My GP called this morning and said he won’t even write me a 30 day script at the current dose because he knows nothing about it and I need to get it from the specialist I’ve been seeing.  The specialist I have been seeing is refusing to write a new prescription.  WHAT’S THE FUCKING PROBLEM?  Am I toxic or something?  Everybody is ignoring the issue.

I guess I’ll just go die.  *ugh*


2 Responses to “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter…”

  1. Don’t go die, okay? I would miss you terribly. Who else could I kid about used underwear? Who else could I learn home remodeling tips from? I wish I had an answer to your problem. maybe during the time between Doctors and getting your prescription filled you can tell us how your feeling and we will try to help you through it all. I for one want to help I just don’t know how and I am beginning to feel your frustration. When guys don’t know what to say they usually talk sports or weather. I don’t know much about sports but it is raining cats and dogs here in Indiana and is probably heading your way. Keep in touch, we care.

  2. I hear you dude. The medical circus is quite a smoke and mirror show. They exist to sell drugs for the phamacutical companies, not to care about the patients. If your insurance doesn’t line their greedy pockets to the top, they will ignore your needs. It’s a fucked-up system. Your only hope is to find a Dr.FeelGood who will write ‘scrips for whatever you need because he realizes than a patients Mental Health often influences their Physical Health. Keep us posted.

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