I’m contemplating painting the trim on my house this weekend… Bright white I think.  This would avoid having to do it in the spring and probably make the house look a bit fresher but I’m just not sure if I have motivation to get this done right now.  Lots of scraping and sanding before paint can be applied.

I think I have the overall color scheme for the outside picked out.  A soft yellow/tan with bright white trim and some sort of red for the doors.  The big issue I have is that I have one of those awful brown roofs.  *ugh*  Maybe this will work…


6 Responses to “Paint?”

  1. Oh boy! Painting! Glad it’s you and not me. I’m okay with doing the indoor paint, but I wouldn’t be too happy climbing around the roof. Ack!

  2. I only have a 1-story ranch. My issue will be locating a ladder tall enough to paint under the eaves. My short ladder can do most of it, but there is one end of the house that is up off the ground a little bit. An 8 ft. ladder would work there, but I’m not sure my 6 ft. ladder will.

  3. Sounds great colorwise. I might consider a Terra Cotta color for the doors. I don’t like to paint but I could hold it for you…the ladder I mean;-)

  4. I’m glad you clarified ladder Ed. I’ve been in need of someone to hold “it” for a while now.

  5. I wish I lived near you I would be glad to hold it for you. Of course we are talking about the ladder right?

  6. I think your colours will work out well 🙂 You’re so handy! You ought to take pictures of your new yard and painting jobs 🙂

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