Time to catch some zzzzzzzzz

Gosh, I’m wiped out today.  I was wiped out yesterday as well.  Why you ask?  I went to a small party with some friends that was held in Conservative Hells largest city, which is about 90 minutes south of where I live.  Usually not a problem in and of itself, but I managed to let time get away from me and now I have to function.  You see, I left home at 12:30 Saturday afternoon to go and I did not get home until 2:30 Sunday morning.   I had a very good time but now I’m paying for it!

Insomnia not withstanding, I certainly hope all of us can get together again soon.  It will be nice to see P, J, and C again and I really enjoy any time I get to spend with them.

Yesterday I spent more time out in the yard working on trying to get a lawn going.  I spread the fertilizer and then the 50 pounds of grass seed.  I always get antsy when I spread grass seed since any time I do it I develop transgenic abilities to see and hear every bird in a 2-mile radius.  Unfortunately these abilities do not translate into laser beams that shoot out my eyes to take out said birds. 

I suppose it could be said that what I actually did yesterday was lay out a big buffet for the local avian community.  I certainly hope they enjoy it and don’t eat all of it, because I would like *some* grass to grow before winter comes.  I figure anything that comes up will be much better than what’s there now, considering that what is there now is dead since I went Pulp Fiction on it last week.


2 Responses to “Time to catch some zzzzzzzzz”

  1. It is so nice of you to feed the birds. Actually, if you put out a bird feeder and keep it filled the birds will eat this and hopefully leave the grass seed alone. Glad you had a good time. Insomnia is nothing to lose sleep over. I’m so bad. Whappp! Thanks I needed that.

  2. Lazer beam eyes! I want me some too!

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