Where do I sign-up?

While it looks like it might be fun, I doubt these southern do-gooders would allow a gay couple on board.  *shrugs*  If they do, perhaps I should sign-up?  Of course presently there’s that pesky little lack of a partner thing going on.


8 Responses to “Where do I sign-up?”

  1. They probably would allow a gay couple to do it… if not, I’ve seen something similar out of Canada.

    Of course, goign up alone… can you join the mile high club flying solo?

  2. Honestly, I don’t think they’d have any good reason to turn you down. If they did, you could always make a big stink about it — good human rights publicity, if you ask me.

    God, go to Gay.com. Boy partners are never THAT hard to find. Right guys?

  3. I would be so afraid of meeting someone I found on line. I think my first meeting would have to be at a police station where they could do a background check. I am relying on fate. So far that doesn’t seem to be working so good, but I’ll give it ten or twenty more years, not being one to rush in to anything. I’ve lived alone so long now that it almost seems normal. Anyway, Good luck CQ and don’t give up.

  4. Gee Ed, don’t you ever get tired of dating your hand? I’ve mostly positive experiences meeting people and have actually met a few along the way that have turned into something other than a trick.

    Nome, boy partners are not that difficult to find. We’re just a bunch of big sluts no matter what any of us says to the contrary.

  5. My hand won’t leave me or give me a STD or cheat on me. Can you say that about humans. Although, it does get lonely on a cold winters night. I would love someone to snuggle with. Do you know Kyan Douglas’s Cell phone #?

  6. No, I don’t have his. Will Carson Kressley’s do?

  7. Carson’s number will be fine. The phone conversation will go somthing like this: Hello Carson, this is Ed. Hello Ed how may I help you? Well, you can begin by telling me everything you know about Kyan. Kyan? what about me? O.K. then don’t you think Kyan is the sweetest man on earth? I’m sweet too. Yeah, say do you know if he is in a serious relationship? I thought you wanted to talk to me. Oh I do, Do you think Kyan will return my calls? Sorry I can’t help you, Ed. Well, I guess you won’t do after all, bye!

  8. I know you’re all a bunch of big sluts. I’m envious.

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