When the going gets tough…

The tough go skinny dipping!  At least that is the plan for tonight.  I have a friend in an adjacent community that has a house with a pool.  So he has invited me over tonight for some splashing around au naturel and perhaps some follow-on activity. *wink* 

I really hope this pulls me out of my doldrums.  I had a bad episode last night where sticking my head into the oven seemed like a good idea.  Of course, that wouldn’t work out so well since I have an electric oven, but you get the point.  Quite frankly the thought scared the hell out of me, so that’s good.  As long as it continues to scare nothing comes of it.  I do find it’s a good reason to get off my butt and go out and do something.

No worries, I’ll be fine.  I’m not giving away all my stuff or anything so I’m not exhibiting the normal behavior of people that are thinking of checking out shortly.  Maybe I should go get some Prozac or something? 

I really am looking forward to going over to my pals house later.  It’s probably the exact pick-me-up I need.  Then tomorrow I can work on repairing the cracks and chips in my living room walls.  Maybe painting a room will help out too.


4 Responses to “When the going gets tough…”

  1. Skinny Dipping in the pool sounds great if you know how to swim. (I don’t) Painting will be good therapy too, just please resist the urge to paint it Black. The Joy of Spackling handbook says that it can be very therapeutic as well. Have fun and don’t do any thing I wouldn’t do.

  2. What wouldn’t you do?

  3. I’m of the opinion that Ben & Jerry’s is tastier and a lot cheaper than Prozac, AND it doesn’t annihilate your sex drive. So I vote for ice cream over pills.

    Major envy on the skinny-dipping. God, I desperately need some new associations there.

    Have fun! Do everything I would do, and more!

  4. I guess your right there isn’t anything I wouldn’t try at least once so go ahead and have a fine time and devil take the hindmost what ever the Hell that means.

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