Life is about to get more interesting

I have not been writing much lately so my apologies for that.  I’m going to break one of my rules of blogging and mention what’s going on with my job right now.

Yesterday one of my colleagues put in her notice as she will soon be departing for another job that will help her further her career.  I suppose I should say, “good for her!” and wish her well in her new position. Unfortunately, this means my life is about to get rather ugly and complex.

The recently vacated position is one that we simply cannot staff and have someone ready to go in two-weeks.  Another way to put this is that I’ll likely be assuming most of her job myself and I’ve never been trained to do it – a largely reactionary move by those I work with but it makes sense given the situation.

My boss is out of the office this morning but I’m thinking of proposing the company create a new position which will be a mix of what I do and this other persons job (hell, I’m going to be doing it anyhow) with appropriate compensation and job title changes.  Since I’ll be putting in many more hours I would expect to be compensated for it.  I envision me as a manager with at least a part-time employee to take care of the mundane tasks that are part of both these jobs.  This would be someone I would mentor and the logical path would be for them to step into my position when I leave the company at some point in the future. 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose.  I can’t really tell if this would be a career promotion for me or an opening of Pandora’s box.


2 Responses to “Life is about to get more interesting”

  1. Oh wow… this sounds really complicated and potentially messy. I hope it’s not a pandora’s box and is instead a great leap forward.

    My fingers are crossed!

  2. This has the potential to be a HUGE Pandora’s box and create a wonderful situation or a complete mess. I have not decided which yet.

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