The VA did it again!

What’s it going to take to get the Secretary of Veterans Affairs head on a pike?  The VA has lost personal information yet again.  It makes me wonder how many instances of this we *don’t* know about.

I wrote about this two times previously.  The last was when I received a letter from the VA regarding the previous incident.  You may remember I posted their question in original form and gave my own answers.  It appears that #6 on my list is no longer a joke.  Here it is and if you want to see the whole list use the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

6. I know the Department of Veterans Affairs maintains my health records electronically; was this information also compromised?

Not yet, but if it can be compromised you can be certain we’re doing our best to make sure it happens.

Yup, the VA lost health records with personal information attached this time.  The government really needs to re-write it’s hiring and dismissing practices so that when dumb asses do this they can be fired and reprimanded without an act of Congress.


One Response to “The VA did it again!”

  1. That sucks. IU lost my SSN when I was a graduate student. Blah.

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