Rallying against the unseen

I find it absolutely amazing that a spokeswoman for the Family Research Council can get upset about certain commercials on television coarsening our culture.  Later she admits to not having seen the commercials she wants off TV.

From the article:

“All of this falls in the category of the coarsening of the culture that does concern us tremendously,” said Charmaine Yoest, a spokeswoman for the Family Research Council, a conservative group whose causes include the push to adopt more stringent indecency standards for television. “A lot of this stuff is just plain vulgar. As a mother myself, I find it very troubling.”

Oh wonderful, bring the little children into it.  Is that the only thing our society considers anymore?  Conservative chant – terrorists eat babies and Democrats will eat 2 babies for each one the terrorists eat.

Yoest, who has five children, worries that because there are no age regulations on sales of condoms and lubricants, kids and teens could easily get their hands on them.

Isn’t that the point, getting these items into the hands of people that need it?

Dear conservatives – You’ve convinced yourself that by telling your kids not to have sex that they are not doing so.  Here is a dose of reality – Your teenagers are banging each other like a screen door in a hurricane.

I’d guess Ms. Yoest is upset because she didn’t think to use these products herself as evidenced by the fact she has five children.

Later, she gives us this gem:

“What’s a parent to do?” wondered Yoest, who admitted she hadn’t seen the K-Y or Trojan ads. “Commercials are one of the biggest problems because the regulations are so loose.”

So let me get this right, she wants the ads pulled but has not actually seen them. 

Oh my god!  I think I saw a boobie!  *ugh*


3 Responses to “Rallying against the unseen”

  1. “Your teenagers are banging each other like a screen door in a hurricane.”

    That line pretty much made my day.


  2. You’re welcome Nome. 🙂

  3. Personally I’m against Lube. Those assholes have to take it unlubed in order to feel maximum pain.

    Just kidding… it does sound like she needs to learn about birth control.

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