It ain’t worth *that* much

I was wandering through the Fark forums today when I tripped across an article about a guy rescuing a 188-year old Bible from the trash.  Normally I wouldn’t comment on such a thing but I found it in the Colorado Springs Gazette and the article was about finding the Bible in the small town I lived in during my stay in the Commonwealth of Conservative Morons – the place I lived immediately prior to buying my house and moving back to Conservative hell.  The small town is about as much of a tourist destination as Conservative Hell is.

The most notable thing to happen there is that it was the last capitol of the Confederate States of America from April 3-10, 1865.  This is the town Jefferson Davis ran to while being chased out of Richmond by the Union army and where he signed his last proclamations as President of the Confederacy.  Oddly, my ex and I nearly bought the Victorian directly behind the building that served as the capitol.  Wouldn’t that have been a sight?  A couple fags owning the backyard of the capitol of racism and bigotry…

Back the the 188-year old Bible.  The guy that found it thinks it is worth more than the $900 he has been offered for it thus far simply because of its age.  What he is failing to realize is that there are many, many examples of Bibles this old with family histories written in them and in *much* better shape than the one he has (his has been through a fire and flood).

The sad thing is that since the town is one of those, “Bible, Bible uber alles” type of places, there is some local that will probably pay $5,000 for it.  This same person will likely be one that $5,000 would represent a full one-third of a years pay *before* taxes.  Religion certainly makes people do dumb things.


One Response to “It ain’t worth *that* much”

  1. The guy who found the 188 year old Bible says it has to be worth a lot because only six remain. Maybe only six of that printing remain, but It most assuredly is a King James Version, of which there are millions, and they’re not falling apart. The one he found was in four pieces, been in a fire and has water damage. Its only value is to the relatives of the family that owned it. Now if it had been owned by Jefferson Davis or someone famous, that is a whole new ballgame.

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