The invisible man

I think I’m going to go crawl under a rock since I seem to be invisible to the general population anyway.  Yesterday after dropping my guest off at the airport I had 2 standing appointments with people.  The first was lunch with a friend (no show, no call), the second was to help another friend with a project on their house in exchange for future help with mine (no call). 

I’m finding that I am going to have to take both these people out behind the wood shed and give them a verbal beating.  I made special arrangements to be sure I was available for both of these people and they didn’t bother to even call to let me know they were not going to be there.  Does my time have NO value associated with it?

Side note – It turns out the rest of America hates those annoying Dr. Z commercials just as much as I do.  The ads have not done anything to help the Chrysler July sales slump. 


2 Responses to “The invisible man”

  1. So Dr.Z I have just two words for you, Auf Weidersehen! Now if only we can erase the Head-On commercials. Have you seen that one yet? so annoying. It is bad when your friends stand you up. I expect that from the phone guy and the cable guy but when you have cleared your schedule to make room for them and then no show, sucks big time, man. Give them a few verbal slaps for me too.

  2. I like the Dr. Z commercials…

    That sucks about the other friends… When you see them next, punch their lights out!


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