A visitor from the land of lederhosen

At the end of this week I’m getting a visit from my pal that lives in the land of lederhosen and I’m very much looking forward to this visit.  I just hope he leaves that annoying Dr. Z behind.

The question is will he get to mark South Carolina off his list of states not yet visited?  We’ll see…


5 Responses to “A visitor from the land of lederhosen”

  1. I will guess that your guest will be Adam. Am I right? What did I win? Your approval is all I seek big guy.

  2. Oh god … I *HATE* those Dr. Z. commercials.

  3. Ed – I’m cyncial and hate everything… nobody gets my approval. 🙂

    Swampgoddess – I hate those Dr. Z commercials… And I work in advertising. I would have liked to have been in the room when they held *that* meeting at Diamler-Chrysler.

  4. Since you are so cynical, hating me really means the opposite. 🙂 I hate the Dr. Z ads too. Auf Wiedersehen. 😉

  5. I love the Dr. Z commercials…

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