People search the strangest things

One of the reasons I moved my blog to WordPress was the fact that it allowed me to better track where people were visiting me from and the types of search terms they were using to get here.  One recurring thing has happened since I wrote about my west coast trip nearly a month ago – most of the search terms used to find my blog involve the word “masturbation”. 

OK, I’ll admit it… I like jerking off as much as the next guy but isn’t there anything else in my blog that could possibly generate a hit from a search engine?

Here are today’s search terms that led people to click-through to my blog:

masturbating on a plane
“Turning Japanese” masturbation

The only non-wanking terms I’ve found in the past few weeks had to do with customer dissatisfaction with United Airlines because I had that name in one of my post titles

Maybe if I started writing about happy fuzzy bunnies (oh wait, I did that) or rainbows maybe I’d get different results?


10 Responses to “People search the strangest things”

  1. I guess I’d rather people come to my site for the masturbation than the bunnies.

  2. Or mastrubating while fantasizing about bunnies.

  3. I keep coming to this blog because I love the Cynical Queers’ wit and humor and believe it or not his cynicalism (is that a word?) Also to hear about masturbation.

  4. Masturbation is a nice a word and it always has this kind of ring that sends shockwaves around the net and potential readers and hits as well. Yes, I am talking rubbish now.. Got here through Nome’s blog and will come back again!

  5. Bunny masturbation. I KNOW we don’t need to go there.

  6. But wouldn’t my friend Fuzzy enjoy that?

    Oh my blog got 76 hits yesterday after I posted this entry. The prevous record was 67 hits, and the word masturbation appeared on that day too. I’m thinking if my entries all have the word masturbation or some other sexually explicit term attached that I’ll be one of the most read blogs on the net in no time.

  7. Masturbation is hot.

    What do you think I am doing right now?

  8. Bunny Wank-a-Thon! LOL.

  9. At least we’re not killing kittens, like they do on Fark.

  10. How about masturbating on a plane with bunnies?

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