This really describes Conservative Hell well

I ran across this in the Fark comments area.  This person really knew what they were talking about!

…Living in Conservative Hell is like living in a gas station mini-mart. There’s always this depressing odor of tobacco and 3 day old stale coffee, you got all the homeless people who used to work in the textile industry before it went belly up, you’ve got your NASCAR accessories and the aisle with 12 types of cracklins (that’s pork rinds to you northerners) and you’ve got the occasional unwanted interactions with the yellow-toothed, slow-speaking yokel who’s just stopping in for $3 of gas and a road beer.

Outside of CH Capitol City and the banks, the rest of the state is in a decline, and it’s depressing. All the young’uns I knew when I was there wanted to get the hell out; as a computer programmer, a field more tending towards the young, more than 75% of the people I worked with were within 5, maybe 10 years of retiring. Downtown Tobacco City and (CQ’s Town) were falling into disrepair, with so many vacant buildings – they now try to compete with Detroit for movie scenes requiring vacant/dilapidated industrial & commerical lots. 

Of course, the people were at least nice, and I could grab my motorcycle and hit the BRP for a weekend getaway. $4 meals at a meat & 2/3 veg place with REAL cooking But living there felt like commiting suicide by waiting-to-die.

Yup, this is about how I feel.  *ugh*


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