Meet Fuzzy

My Friend Fuzzy

I’m taking a break from regular postings and decided I would share a photo of this little guy that is living under the huge Azalea bush in my front yard. I’ve named him Fuzzy.


5 Responses to “Meet Fuzzy”

  1. Nice..when are the ppl living next to you gonna trap it and eat it??

  2. Thanks Mark. It’s been a heck of a week and I needed a good laugh.

  3. You need a good laugh? When I was a child my parents would listen to the Grand Ole Opry and I would try to ignore it until I heard Minnie Pearl yell HOWDEEE! I’m just so proud to be here! Then I would listen because her jokes often bordered on the baudy side. Example: They was a family that had 8 children and the mom told pa oh lord I’m expecting again! He said one more won’t hurt. she replied but the doc says I’m having triplets. The old man says Triplets, what are we gonna name them? The mom says I’ll tell what I’m gonna name them, Adolph, Getoff, and Stayoff! Another example: The new young doctor came to Minnie’s Aunt Ellie’s house. He said Hello Mrs. Ellie you sure look fit for your age. She replied why thank you I’ve never been sick a day in all my 84 years. The doc said why that’s great, say, have you ever been bedridden? Aunt Ellie stared at him for a moment and said, many times and once in a buggy! I hope that cheers you up some C. things will get better, OK?

  4. It’s the simple stories that allow ppl to laugh. Love the Pearl stories Ed.

  5. […] Maybe if I started writing about happy fuzzy bunnies (oh wait, I did that) or rainbows maybe I’d get different results? […]

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