Foggy Observations

General observations about San Francisco

  1. Governor Schwarzenegger must be stopped.
  2. Spare the Air day in the Bay Area turns BART into a homeless shelter.
  3. Jesus loves me. 
  4. Summer in San Francisco is colder than winter in New Zealand.  Credit J
  5. The Tenderloin is now marketed as lower Russian Hill. 
  6. Mayor Newsom is a hottie.
  7. Public masturbation is an accepted practice.
  8. Even in front of Mayor Newsom.
  9. The city has a highly efficient waste management system.  Market street was clean 3 hours after the parade ended. 
  10. It doesn’t matter that it was 110 degrees in Sacramento as it will still be 68 in San Francisco.  Next time bring a sweater.
  11. When a festival is going on you must pay $3 to walk on a public street.

3 Responses to “Foggy Observations”

  1. is there something wrong with jerking off in front of the mayor?

    Did you spooge his blue jeans?

  2. I believe it was Mark Twain who said,”The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco”. Having seen pictures of the Mayor he is a hottie. I wonder if he has aspirations of some day living in th White House?

  3. It wasn’t me or anyone in my party that was engaging in the self love. It was some stranger behind us and I kept hoping he wouldn’t spooge on me.

    Gavin Newsom walked by us about 15 minutes before the parade started and we noted this guy was doing this just before that. We turned around after seeing the mayor and this other guy was still putting a nice shine on his nob.

    I also got to see Reichen from The Amazing Race. Jealous?

    Ed – I hope he wants to run for prez someday. He’s smart and he ticks everyone off to some degree, which means he’s doing something right.

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