I’m back

I made it back from the west coast this morning and I’m wiped out.  I am going to bed early tonight and hopefully the coma I assume I’ll find myself in will help me be rested and refreshed in the morning.

I took a ton of notes while I was on my trip so I’ll have a few blog entries coming the next couple of days.  Then I’m going dark again this weekend as I’ll be traveling to Washington, DC for the Fourth of July holiday.  After that I should be around more consistently unless my job decides to start sending me to New York and other places.

Look for a fresh entry tomorrow.  I have some good stuff to talk about.


One Response to “I’m back”

  1. Welcome back to the Eastern United States: Where the trees are green, The folks are mean, but no matter where you roam, this one thing is very true, There is no place like home.

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