Wooden Horse

Centuries ago the Trojan army gave the gift of a huge wooden horse to their enemy, something we all know was a ruse.

Today I received a Trojan horse of a different variety in my e-mail containing a zip file and claiming to be from CNN:

Subject: Osama Bin Laden Discovered Dead 


Osama Bin Ladin was found hanged by two CNN journalists early Monday evening. As evidence they took several photos, some of which we have included here. As yet, this information has not hit the headlines due to Bush wanting confirmation of his identity but the journalists have released some early photos over the internet which can be found attached.


The Professional News Team

I'd be incredibly happy if this were true.  Somehow I think if Osama Bin Laden had been found hanged that it would have hit the headlines with or without government approval especially in our go-go, I've got the exclusive that George Bush passed gas, news world.

Other than the fact that this e-mail was absolutely preposterous, I think another clue it was spam would have been that Osama bin Laden's name was spelled two different ways.  Sadly, half of my co-workers will open the attachments and infect the network.

UPDATE 12:00 – Wow, these people are prolific and good.  I've now received three more using different fake news stories as the ruse but with the exact same attachments. 


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