Give my regards to Secretary R. James Nicholson

I hope that my fellow veterans are ready to show up with hoods and torches to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Secretary Nicholson should probably run and hide because there are 26.5 million of us that are ready to come to DC and trample him like hooligans at a soccer match.

Your solution? Get a free copy of my credit report… Oh great, you dipshits lose my personal information making me go through hell protecting my good name and your big solution is to help me get a free copy of my credit report? Here is an idea – take the social security number and personal information of that dipstick that took my information home so it could be stolen and place it on the homepage of the Department of Veterans Affairs so that anyone who wants to can open up accounts in that name.

What have you done with the person that did this? You simply placed them on administrative leave as if that is going to solve anything. If I had done this where I work I would have been fired immediately. FIRE THIS IDIOT!

Yippie, I get to deal with having a fraud alert on my file for the rest of my life. That means it will be very difficult for me to open credit accounts, etc. Many creditors will not even deal with you if they see a fraud alert on your account, but you have to do it because some jerkwad at the VA took your personal information home. Thanks you incompetent assholes!

I have a solution – ABOLISH THE VA!

Going ex-pat seems like a great idea now.


3 Responses to “Give my regards to Secretary R. James Nicholson”

  1. I would suggest that you watch, there’s not much else you can do.

    I was among a large number of IU employee’s whose information was accidentally left unshielded on a computer server for a period of time. It’s not worth being paranoid–just be careful.

  2. Cynical Queer Says:

    I've already placed a fraud alert on my account, the second in a year. *ugh*

  3. […] A couple weeks ago I wrote about how ticked I am that the Department of Veterans Affairs managed to lose my personal information along with 26.5 million of my peers. […]

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