It’s open blog Monday!

Lately I’m uninspired and really don’t know what is wrong. I want to make blog entries I’m just having a difficult time thinking of anything to write about.

I was going to tear out a wall in my bathroom and put up the new drywall so I could start finishing it, but I didn’t do that and probably won’t until at least the first weekend in June. Perhaps I should change my 6-month old A/C system filters. I need to buy a broom and clean-up my back yard. There’s an endless list, I just need motivation!

Perhaps I’ll go get those floor jacks I spoke of and start fixing that sag in my floor. I’m hoping that may get my house to stop cracking and popping. I’m convinced that is a combination of expansion/contraction from the heating and cooling of the day and the floor support that is damaged.

I’ll get there soon. Maybe I’ll have more to post tomorrow or the next day. Until then, anyone got suggestions for what they would like to hear about?


2 Responses to “It’s open blog Monday!”

  1. Chris, there are many things to write about but most are controversial. Politics, Religion, and Sexual Orientation are the big three. Each one of them can be a minefield though so be careful. I enjoyed seeing pictures of your landscaping and hearing about trips to the Nations Capital. You are doing just fine. If you don’t update every day we will live. just keep blogging and we’ll keep reading. Take care, Ed

  2. I’m for whatever crosses your mind.

    You can tell that I’m pretty scatter brained based on what I post on my blog.

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