My Real Trips for the rest of the year

Now that the faux-trip is over it’s time to start mapping out my real travels for the remainder of 2006. First up Las Vegas, San Francisco and, time permitting, Reno. Why Reno? J wants to go there and I figure I’ll go along for the ride. Though he has been saying something about going to Napa valley instead.

Las Vegas will be to visit friends and feed a slot machine or two and San Francisco will be for the Pride festivities on the weekend of June 24th. I’ve never been to a Pride festival, unless you want to count Fantasea (spelled correctly) in Provincetown, MA. The difference is that San Francisco has a mixed population and Provincetown is queerer than Carson Kressley so everyday in P-town is like a Pride festival.

July 4th weekend I’ll be heading to Washington, DC again to visit J and hopefully I’ll run into MT and her husband while I’m there.

December 1 through 10, I will be on my European trip to France and Italy plus a third location to be decided later. I’m hoping the third location will be somewhere in the eastern bloc but I’d settle for a car/train/whatever adventure from Venice to the French/Italian border area. Yes, I know it’s going to be cold!

Other than that, not much planned the rest of the year other than getting my house finished.


7 Responses to “My Real Trips for the rest of the year”

  1. Hopefully, you’ll run into J (backwards several times) and then go visit mt and her husband:-)This Provincetown sounds like a very interesting place.

  2. it sounds like you have a few adventures ahead of you.

    I’m aiming to visit some place really off the beaten path sometime this fall.

    The fauxTrip was great… i haven’t had time to comment… since getting home I’ve been swamped.

  3. Cynical Queer Says:

    Gee Ed… you have a dirty mind. 🙂

    Provincetown is an actual city in Massachuessets located at the end of Cape Cod and is a de-facto gay resort area. While everyone is welcome, you will notice the population at any given time during the summer is about 80-90% gay men and lesbians.

    A – perhaps we can work on finding a nice out of the way place and you can meet us there? It would be nice to see you.

  4. Sex isn’t dirty when it is between two lovers. You don’t get to see j very often so I know that sparks fly when you two firecrackers get together, right?

  5. Chris: I suspect out of the way as you are currently defining it and the way I am defining it are at least 1,500 miles apart. 🙂

    However, I’d be happy to meet you somewhere in Europe, providing its not too difficult for me to travel there from here.

  6. […] I’m one step closer to my vacation.  You may remember some time back that I was supposed to be leaving for France and Italy on Friday.  Well that trip was cancelled and I re-allocated the time to go to California instead.  So this Friday (12/1) I am on a jet plane headed to San Francisco.  Let’s hope I avoid flights with 5 screaming babies on board this time. […]

  7. […] I would MUCH rather be in Italy and France right now, which is where I was supposed to be going with J until he went jerkus maximus on me and broke up with me without actually being man enough to say so.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he went anyway and if he did, I hope he chokes on a croissant. […]

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