Faux Saturday

Total distance traveled – 3,671 mi/5,908 km

Hi Everyone! After boring ourselves to death with corn in Minnesota, FauxMT and I hopped in the Faux-vette and headed to wonderful Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. While driving through the dark on I-90 near Sundance, Wyoming we looked off to the northwest and saw some flying saucer thing in the sky near Devil’s Tower. Odd. We snapped this photo as we were driving by.

Yellowstone is just as amazing as I remembered it from the first time I visited nearly 15-years ago. FauxMT really seems excited and happy that we have finally made it somewhere that both of us are happy with. It was nice to see Old Faithful Geyser erupt again and taking in Yellowstone Falls was worth the extra drive. We stopped near West Thumb where FauxMT got out to stretch and relax for a few minutes.

While standing there a buffalo wandered up and she decided to do something stereotypically tourist – ride the buffalo. I told her it was incredibly dangerous, but she wouldn’t listen! I reluctantly took the picture above while she was getting up on the buffalo’s back.

I hope she doesn’t do anything else this stupid while we’re out here. I’m very reluctant to give her the keys to the Faux-vette, but she’s been begging to try it out. Perhaps when we reach Idaho Falls I’ll give her a chance to drive.

Tomorrow – Oh, you look soooo FAAAABBBBUUULLLOUUUS!


One Response to “Faux Saturday”

  1. Maybe we should all take Faux-vacations this year. The Gas is so high that I am not going anywhere. You can say that again! The Gas is so high I’m not going anywhere. I enjoy your Faux-trip, I have never been out of the midwest. I do enjoy the travel channel.

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