Faux Friday

Total distance traveled: 2,494 mi/4,014 km

Corn, corn, everywhere there’s corn!

I’m not sure why, but FauxMT wanted to do a bit of research into the conversion of corn into fuel for our cars. Why doesn’t she do this when she’s home in Indiana? I seem to remember seeing a lot of corn there when I drove through.

Perhaps her interest in this subject has something to do with it now costing about $50 to drive down the Lloyd Expressway? Who knows? All I know is that after boring her with Diznee Wurld and Washington, DC she took control of the vacation and she is now boring me because I currently find myself standing in beautiful Rochester, Minnesota. Darn academic-types! They just can’t take a vacation, can they?

I snapped this photo of FauxMT standing in front of the world’s largest ear of corn which is the same color as our Faux-vette.

I hope we get more excitement in our lives tomorrow as we continue our journey west. Hopefully neither of us will do anything dumb!

Tomorrow – Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam…


2 Responses to “Faux Friday”

  1. Did FauxMT visit the world headquarters of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester? Haven’t you listened to our song? There’s more than corn in Indiana! There’s Soybeans too!…Where the deer and the antelope play, where seldom is heard an incouraging word and it clouds up and then rains all day!

  2. Cynical Queer Says:

    No Ed, I have not heard that song. I think I'll have to look for it.

    I'm writing ahead and Saturday is the beginning of "stupid stuff" and I think Sunday is the most eventful day as we wind down to Monday and Tuesday, which I have not written yet.

    Stay tuned!

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