Wow, one of my favorite little shopping centers got bombed the other day. This shopping area is actually something I find right with development as it is a nice community shopping center with smaller shops that cater to the citizens in the immediate area – it’s the anti-SprawlMart.

Maybe the authorities should be looking for a fleeing yellow smiley-face wearing a Boris Badenov trench coat?


4 Responses to “Ka-boom!”

  1. If you ask me, the worst thing about the story is the headline in the program name bar. For me it reads:

    “Local & State — WFMY News 2 Bomb Explodes at Quaker Village”

    Since when does a local television station in Greensboro create its own news events by bombing a quaker village? This is very Network-esque. And scary.

  2. Cynical Queer Says:

    Quaker Village is a shopping center well-known in the area. *grins*

    This morning something even scarier was on our NBC affiliate (WXII). They had a blond white woman on rapping the morning traffic report! After I staunched the bleeding from my ears, I wrote a short letter to the news director telling them it was the best piece of journalism I had seen since the opening of Al Capone's vault.

    Our Fox affiliate has an African-American weatherman that talks as if he has a stick up his butt. He accentuates all his words as if he is pained to be speaking proper English. I expect him to one day to start reporting the weather in ghetto-speak, which would be better than the rapped traffic report by the white woman above.

    Ugh, can I go live in a *real* television market now?

  3. Chris – I’ve got one for you. Our weekend weatherman on the Fox affiliate sounds like he’s about to spit every five seconds or so. It’s like he has dentures that don’t fit right or his denture seal has come loose. Very gross.

  4. Cynical Queer Says:

    MT you live in the 100th market according to Nielsen Media Research. I live in the 47th.

    As the markets get larger the quality of the local media usually improves. This area is definately not an example of that! *shrugs*

    I surrender!

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