Must… get… a… life…

My life has been rather boring this week but the good news is that I am getting a few things done. Last weekend I went to the big blue hardware store and purchased new blinds for my house and electric outlets to replace the worn and ugly ones that have been there for 50 years. So each evening I do a small outside chore (rake up leaves, water flowers) then replace two of the outlets and hang a blind. Breaking it up into smaller jobs will get it done eventually and prevent me from having to spend an entire day doing one of the tasks (IE hang all blinds at once).

I purchased seven blinds and have five of them hung and I have replaced all the switches and outlets in my main living area, and all the light switches in the rest of the house. I’ll hang blind six tonight and wait on seven since it is part of the bathroom project. I decided to purchase it now in case the store changes the style when I’m ready to hang it. It’s amazing what these little fixes do to the look of the house. It looks much more put together and clean without all that crappy half century old stuff hanging around.

Now all I need to do is fix the plaster cracks in my living room and paint and I bet the place will look almost new.


2 Responses to “Must… get… a… life…”

  1. Let me reitterate a previous comment:

    You make a great husband.

    Too bad you’re not my husband.

  2. Cynical Queer Says:


    Re: The last sentence in your comment… I suppose there was a time it was possible, but I value your friendship just as much.

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