Controlling Passengers

I was working on a report this morning and while flipping through the magazine gathering data I saw a Passenger Control Unit displayed. This is the remote control device used in most long-haul airline service to control the airline supplied personal entertainment devices on board the aircraft. You know, the controller for things like the video games and the telephone.

I was fascinated that this airline called it a "Passenger Control Unit" since I don't know how a person would control their fellow passengers using this device. At least it would be of no use to me because I didn't see a button on it to quiet the babies that scream for 7 of the 10 hours on my trans-Atlantic flight(s) nor is there one to eject that kid kicking my seat to the exterior of the plane at 35,000 feet.

That's the kind of device I'd like to have when flying.


One Response to “Controlling Passengers”

  1. No one has commented yet so I’ll put my 2 cents in. I have never flown on a plane, but at the movies the babies crying and the sweet little children kicking the back of my seat drive me crazy, not to mention the teenagers throwing Junior Mints:)They could use ejection seats too. It seems I always sit near a person who has already seen the movie and is describing each scene just BEFORE it happens. Thanks a lot for letting me vent, I feel a little better

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