Regretful voters

UPDATED 12:40 EDT 4/18/06

I was reading a Washington Post article this morning before driving home from Washington, DC. The article was about how the Republicans are losing their shine and there was a comment from a Tennessee woman that had voted for Bush twice and now she regrets having done so.

This is the comment from the article that caught my eye:

Bruce, 54, said she is a moderate Republican and has given money to the party, but now she is exasperated with Bush and his economic policies. She recounted a conversation with neighbors who support Bush because of "moral issues." "I said, 'While he's not killing babies, he's killing you' " with high gasoline prices, a soaring deficit and other problems, Bruce said. "He is going to bankrupt us all."

Where the fuck was this woman a year and a half ago? Sheesh! If nothing else, I'm hoping the sheeple are waking-up now.


7 Responses to “Regretful voters”

  1. sadly people tend to fixate on short term issues than long term issues… like more money in the wallet now, ignoring the fact that lower taxes means bigger deficits.

  2. I say bush may not be killing babies but he is killing young people needlessly in Iraq, 47 this month so far. Jesus said, “It would be better for Judas if he had never been born”. It sounds to me like He was for abortion, since He didn’t say it would be better if he was not conceived.

  3. Put the link up. The Washington Post has a registration site, not a subscription site. At least as far as I know.

    You can get usernames and passwords if you don’t want to register yourself from

  4. I love it: Sheeple.

  5. Cynical Queer Says:

    I really wish I could have posted a link to the article. I found it rather informative.

  6. Cynical Queer Says:

    MT– You can thank my buddy Special Delivery Mark for the sheeple thing. That’s the first person I heard the term from.

  7. Here’s the church, and here’s the steeple, look inside and see all the sheeple!:)

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