Where did I put the bug spray?

After living through my very own version of an Alfred Hitchcock movie I’ve decided it is time to get the exterminator in. I still don’t know what I have but whatever it is they swarmed Saturday night in the house and yesterday afternoon in the garage. It appears that I have two nests of something.

I hope it is flying ants and not termites. I’m guessing ants as all the wood is solid around where I see them and a termite colony this mature would surely have done a TON of damage by now. *ugh*


5 Responses to “Where did I put the bug spray?”

  1. I would say you have ants. Termites are white and usually don’t show themselves unless disturbed. The ant colony raises many queens with wings that leave their colony in the spring to go start other colonies. Get you some Raid earth options flying insect spray from Wal-Mart. Good luck!

  2. Terminex was my friend for a long time.

    Ants suck.

  3. Cynical Queer Says:

    Terminex called and on the way at 2:00 PM EDT tomorrow.
    Let’s hope they can get this done before I 1. Go to Washington, DC and 2. Go to Florida.
    I’m just a travelin’ fool right now. More in a blog entry tomorrow, I think.

  4. Cynical Queer Says:

    Oh and TQE… Terminex, reasonable?

  5. Terminex is franchised, so I would only be willing to state that the one in Bloomington is questionable, but I didn’t have a say in service providers.

    Your results may vary…

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