I’m *really* trying to lose my luggage

My man and I are finally starting to arrange our European adventure. I’m using my frequent flyer miles to keep costs down and boy are they running me in every possible combination.

Keeping in mind that I am a member of Delta Sky Miles take a look at my routing:

USA to Europe to USA

GSO-EWR-AMS – Continental Airlines (23-hour stopover in AMS)
CDG-DTW-GSO – Northwest

Inside Europe

AMS-VCE – KLM Airlines
VCE-BUD – (Sky Europe/?)
Either BUD-CDG (Air France) or BUD-VCE-CDG (Sky Europe/Air France/?)

For those of you keeping count that is possibly five different carriers none of which are Delta. It’s going to be my very own Amazing Race.

We are purposely avoiding Delta just in case this happens as it is widely viewed in the industry that Delta may fail if it does. If I’m ticketed on the others ahead of time it shouldn’t be to worrying for me.


7 Responses to “I’m *really* trying to lose my luggage”

  1. Awe… now…

    Single connections have a low probability of losing luggage, although, quite frankly, I am pretty much a carry-on only kind of guy now as I like to be able to get off the plane and GO

    Last time I got off the plane (in Frankfurt), I made a train home with three minutes to spare. Had I checked my luggage I wouldn’t have made the train, I would have had to wait at least an hour for a train connection home.

  2. You might have to let some hygene standards go… wear shirts twice, and… wash your clothing at night at the hotel… the right clothes dry overnight, or if you’re in one spot for more than a day, dry over two nights.

    You can do it… the only spot you might have trouble are intra-European flights which have substantially lower weight limits than trans-atlantic flights, in particular the LCC have extra tight limits.

  3. Cynical Queer Says:

    I’m remembering my experience with London where my suitcase was ripped from my hands and forced to be put in the baggage hold. Why? it was 1/2 kg over the weight allowed.
    What frustrated me more was when I arrived in Toronto I had to retreive my suitcase only to have it taken from me AGAIN when I checked in for the flight to the US.
    I’m looking into purchasing a slightly smaller suitcase for this trip. Something that will stow in the overhead much easier but allow me nearly the same capacity to take the clothing I will need with me. Though since I’ll be there in late fall I’m guessing I’ll have a much harder time getting winter clothes packed.

  4. Cynical Queer Says:

    I have no problem with the wear things twice idea. I’m more worried about getting two sweaters and stuff like that in. Sweaters will take FOREVER to dry.
    I do remember taking entirely too much to London for the duration I was there. I could have gotten by with about half of it.

  5. Sweaters in September?

    I might bring a jacket, but depending upon your specific dates, I doubt you’ll need two sweaters… maybe one sweater just in case, but… probably not.

  6. Cynical Queer Says:

    No, end of November.

  7. Thanksgiving time?

    That’s a different story…

    How long are you in Budapest… email me and I’ll look up where I stayed in Budapest–great location, great view.

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