Sticker Shock

I went out this weekend and priced new cabinets for my kitchen. The magic number is… $6,000. That’s just for the cabinets and does not include countertops. That will be a minimum of another $1250. I’m still within my budget, but I’m going to be doing a bit more shopping. I should have done the kitchen when I first moved in. Thanks to that bitch Katrina and her sister Rita, the price of everything needed to remodel my house went up significantly since I moved in.

I’ve also taken to shopping for my next car. I’m not sure if I’m going to just go ahead and purchase the one I have now when my lease ends (or ask if I can start a purchase now) or if I’ll end up with something new. I did see a nice used Saab that caught my eye. It never hurts to shop I suppose and it won’t cost me anything unless I take leave of my senses and sign on a dotted line somewhere.


5 Responses to “Sticker Shock”

  1. My sister sent me a story that Smart Cars are now available in Colorado.

    Maybe they are available in North Carolina?

  2. Dang Chris — how many cabinets are we talking about? I need to have my bar area redone this summer, but haven’t started pricing the process. I am looking at two lower cabinets, wine fridge, with black tile countertop and backsplash … and two upper cabinets with wine shelves hanging between them. I hope I can do that for $3,000 or less. ACK!

  3. This hurricane season is pedicted to be a lot like last year except the worst ones are supposed to be along the eastern atlantic coast. Is it a coincidence that even though every other hurricane has a male name that the those named after females are the worst?

  4. Cynical Queer Says:

    MT, I’m guessing you can do that for about $1200 INCLUDING a stone countertop.
    My set-up has a pantry, Glass top cabinets on one wall, base cabinets on the same wall, cabinets on another wall, and more cabinets on the other one. I’d also have an island.
    It’s a boatload of cabinets. The storage space in the kitchen would be doubled or tripled.
    I may do the outer counters with laminate and do stone on the island. I found a place here that I might be able to get the stone for the island for $300 or less.

  5. So I spelled predicted wrong, WTF! Your kitchen will be bitchin’! We will want to see pictures before, during, and after.–>

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