Bathroom comparison photos – round 2

After looking at what I posted yesterday, I decided all of you would get a better idea of just what I’ve accomplished by posting before and after photos from similar angles without the glare of the lights being on.

First up – the sink, medicine cabinet and light fixture.

And the bathtub/shower stall


7 Responses to “Bathroom comparison photos – round 2”

  1. Are you going to take down the pink tile?

  2. Ah, that makes sense. Wouldn’t want to freeze your ass off while in the shower. 😉

  3. U could just paint the old tiles. What u have done with the place is F—ing great dude. U R a genius.

  4. Cynical Queer Says:

    Yes, the pink tile MUST go, but I need to borrow a shop vac from a friend first. Taking down the old plaster wall (behind the tile) is VERY messy.
    Also, since that is the outside wall I’ve been waiting for warmer weather so if it takes me longer than anticipated to put the wall back the inside of the house will not be exposed to the cold air outside.

  5. Cynical Queer Says:

    Thanks again Ed! The problem with the tiles and keeping them were:
    1. I had to bust some out to put in the new drain line for the sink.
    2. Paint doesn’t adhere to plastic all that well (this is the el-cheapo stuff, not actual tile)
    3. Ripping out the old bathtub and installing the new one required quite a bit of demolition, so I figured I may as well tear it all out as it would be much simpler.
    There was NOTHING to save in this bathroom and it will be completely new when finished.

  6. I wonder what prompted the pink choice in the first place…

    maybe it was a family of frily girls…


  7. Cynical Queer Says:

    Pink… I’m guessing it had something to do with the style in the 1950’s. The house I lived in prevoius to this one had the same thing but it had white fixtures.
    The only decisions I have left on this project are what color to pain the trim and what color to paint the walls. Everything else has been decided.
    Oddly, when I’m finished with this room, it will be about 3 square feet bigger than it was before. The plaster walls were 1-inch thick, the drwyall is only 1/2-inch.

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