Hello Barney Fife!

It’s been an interesting couple of days here in the land of me. I was putting the trash out Sunday afternoon and as I was placing the cans on the curb I noticed that a police car was parked 2 houses down from me. I looked and he had his radar gun out tracking the cars. After sitting for two minutes he caught someone. I went home at lunch yesterday and he was back, in the same spot. I didn’t notice if he caught anyone this time.

I’m very happy the cops are out patrolling my street. The posted limit is 25-MPH, but I’ve seen cars doing double that. I wonder what these people would think if I drove past *their* house at the same speed? Go get ’em Barney!

Mother nature is being rather indecisive these days. Last week it was 85-degrees on Monday and just over a week later it is about 38-degrees. My landscaping is getting confused. Oh well, nature takes care of its own I suppose.

I also was pulled out of a deep sleep last night by my mobile phone beeping at me which is odd since it never does this. I was initially freaked-out thinking someone was in the house, but I sat for a minute and listened and nothing else happened. I found out about an hour later that the electricity had gone out and that the phone was beeping to let me know it had finished charging as it thought I had unplugged it from the charger.

Anyhow, that’s it from here. I hope all of you are having a good day.


One Response to “Hello Barney Fife!”

  1. Spring has made its way here… thankfully.

    I hope it doesn’t take a vacation anytime soon.

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