Weekend at Chris’ part 2 – Electric untangle-oo

This weekend, starting tonight will be spent pulling out the old electric wiring in my bathroom. As you know from previous posts, I threw my back out just as I was ready to get in the attic and take care of that issue.

I am glad I had to wait two-weeks to do it. I discovered a light switch I thought was no longer hooked to anything had electricity in it. It is good that I discovered this *before* I started working on it. Hopefully by the end of the weekend (tomorrow preferably) I’ll be ready to finish drywalling (comparatively easy to electric) and get this project on the road to being finished.

Next up – This Old F-ing Kitchen.


One Response to “Weekend at Chris’ part 2 – Electric untangle-oo”

  1. You are a real handy man, Chris. I live in a 106 year old house that looks like every year took its toll. My ceiling lights quit working about a year ago and then some of my wall plugs. So, I have a ceiling fan that is like new it just hangs there waiting for the electricity to return. When they quit working I removed the fuse in case there was a short. One of the light switches had a light in it so it could be found in the dark, and when the electricity quit it still glowed and flickered. That is why I took the fuse out. Your place will be very nice once you get everything updated and fixed. The kitchen will be a lot of work but just think how good it will look afterwards. My kitchen…don’t get me started.

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