17 Again

Folks, sorry for the lack of updating lately, but I’ve been flat on my back slowly recovering from my back spasms last week. This has been the worst episode that I’ve had since the first time it happened in 2002.

Why 17 again? Well after everything that has happened in the past few months I had to be put on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). What this means is that my body lacks the natural ability to produce an adequate supply of male hormone. One nice side-effect of this is that I went from being a perpetually horny man to one that just didn’t really care about sex or the pursuit of getting laid. I know, for most men this would be devastating, but it really comes on gradually and one doesn’t notice but I did find it relaxing. What I noticed is that I started spending my free time doing more mundane things and less time in pursuit of the perfect penis. I wouldn’t expect those that have not experienced this to understand and it is rather difficult to explain to those that lack similar experience.

I went to the doctor recently and got a prescription for a gel (costs $110/month) that replaces much of what my body no longer produces. After a month on this drug, I suddenly feel like I’m 17 again. OK, you think this would make me very happy since I now have a healthy sex drive but in reality I find this rather unsettling since I am beginning to fall into my old habits. I really never saw what I had been doing before and now that I’ve got experience with both being sexually driven and not really caring, I’m find that I like the latter more.

I’m thinking about going back to the doctor and asking if we can adjust the dose. It would be nice to find a happy medium between not really caring and daily pursuit of the perfect penis. When I wasn’t all that driven I noticed that I was being more productive and I was getting things done with projects moving along at an adequate pace. Lately I’m finding it is taking more mental effort to keep those projects moving.

I think I’d just like to feel 35 again.


One Response to “17 Again”

  1. The Perfect Penis Persuit sounds… a bit much. Although I wouldn’t mind being 17 again, knowing what I know now.

    I hope the doctor helps.

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