Finally, a minister that gets it

Thanks to MT for highlighting this on her blog.

Finally, a minister understands what the whole same-sex marriage issue is about. I would be willing to listening to arguments against the issue if those that were so against it could come up with a non-religious rationale.

You would think that they would be all for us having these rights. After all, if we’re shacking-up with each other, then we’re not looking at them or stealing “their” men/women.


2 Responses to “Finally, a minister that gets it”

  1. Hi: I blog on the same sight and stumbled onto your blog because it was in the recently updated. I love the title and as a “conservative” I thought it was funny. Let me predicate any response by saying that I love to blog because I believe that first and foremost this is about having the freedom to share ideas in a non threatening manner. To me that is just really cool.

    I guess that you could label me as one of those people you seem to not like very much. I am a Pastor and a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. I just wanted to pass on that while you and I may disagree on a great deal of issues, and this may not mean much, but as a Christian I apologize… for the offense and hateful words that are often spoken by “believers” who do not know how to dialogue with those who have opposing view points. Sadly, we believers can be real idiots at times.

    I can understand your desire to want to live your life and pursue what you believe will make you happy. I will not begrudge anyone that. What I see from the people on the “conservative side,” and by the way I hate all the conservative/liberal labels anyway, is a desire to keep tradition intact. That can be good and it can be bad. I think that is where a great deal of the bitter/angry dialogue on many political issues comes from comes from.

    I would like to add one thing though. About the whold Bible thing. While I would agree in many ways that it has been highjacked by people who quote it but probably do not live it, when a follower of Jesus actually lives out the example that He (Jesus)provided, then the stuff that you readin the Bible actually makes a whole lot more sense. The church has not done a good job of actually modeling what we believe to our world and on behalf of sincere Christians everywhere I am sorry for a bad example. As I am new to the bolg thing, you can check out mine at or email me at

    Have a great day!

  2. Jrepp – Thank you for your comments. You’re the first person with a religious background that has come here and *not* told me what I need to do or how I should live.

    I’ve noticed there are plenty of people lately that seem to have plenty of religion and no faith. It would appear you are one of those rare people that have both.

    As for the same-sex marriage issue, I firmly belive the answer at the government level is to abolish marriage and instead grant any two people regardless of gender civil-unions. In this way they get the equal government treatment and then each religious organization will have the ability to determine what marriage is for them. It preserves the ideal of separation of church and state and upholds the 14th amendement at the same time.

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