Back to work

I had a wonderful weekend with my man. Saturday we went to the JR Factory Outlet which is a store that has everything in the world and nothing you would want to buy. After stopping there we made our way over to Replacements, Ltd. where I saw a nice set of sterling silver cutlery that I wanted to pick up for the modest price of $99,999.00. So if anyone has an extra 100 large sitting around, I’d appreciate if you’d pick this up for me.

Sunday we went to visit our friends J & P in Conservative Hell’s largest city who are two wonderful guys that I’m glad to know. Perhaps one day we’ll all get together in Washington, DC to have a good time.

While driving to Big City I decided I’m justified in my scorn of the way they handle snow and ice around here. I’m not sure what is up with the Conservative Hell DOT, but they were putting brine down on the Interstate under a clear-blue sky and 24-hours later we still don’t have any snow or ice.

I also noticed we are going interstate crazy around here. We now have no fewer than six future interstate routes coming into the metro area. These are all routes that are currently signed as “Future” with the number behind them. Does an area with a total of 1-million people spread out over about 15 counties really need 8 interstate highways? Meh, doesn’t matter, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be around here anyhow.


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