Valentine’s Zoo

Last night I ran a few errands which proved mostly useless and a waste of time since not much got accomplished though I did take note of some funny happenings.

After I got done at the (C)an’t gi(V)e you a pre(S)cription refill store (I’m trying to put as much into my 2005 flex-account as I can) I headed over to the “Hairy Peter” to pick-up some Shake-n-bake for my chicken dinner. This is where I noticed that once yearly ritual I found so amusing.

On Valentine’s Day there is a routine that happens for those that have forgot-you-not after they got in the car to go home from work. The parking lot was absolutely JAMMED and I had never seen so many men in a grocery store before and I thought I had tripped across gay shoppers night.

I had never seen so many men looking like they were shell-shocked in my entire life and I found it quite sad but at the same time amusing. Most of them were running around scrounging-up that last minute gender-neutral card, dented heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and wilted roses in the simple pursuit of getting laid.

Me? I had all my Valentine’s shopping finished a week ago.


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