Confirmation of Hillary’s remarks yesterday

The Bush administration is playing the fear card again.

I guess Hillary’s comments yesterday were rather timely.

Honestly, we’ve heard this west coast attack plot before and somehow I doubt that Al-Queda was going to hijack another aircraft that close to 9/11, especially with the body cavity searches air passengers were getting at the time.

I don’t think they would try something like that again since air passengers will hand any non-uniformed person a huge beat down if they try approaching the flight deck.


2 Responses to “Confirmation of Hillary’s remarks yesterday”

  1. That’s really funny… when I saw the story, I presumed that it was bull–and that Bush was only trying to justify the wiretapping or something related to the war on terror… It was too… “perfect.”

    I wonder if there is any truth whatsoever to the planned attack–I have a hard time believing it.

  2. Geez, we must be those traitorous liberals that Ann Coulter is always talking about. I had the same reaction as Adam did. If there was a threat, why didn’t they bring it up earlier … like after it happened?

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