Playing the fear card

I’m not a big fan of Hillary Clinton. I know, my liberal credentials will be questioned now, but I don’t care. However, she is the first high-profile Democrat to point out the obvious.

From the linked article:

She said a speech by presidential adviser Karl Rove two weeks ago showed the GOP election message is: “All we’ve got is fear and we’re going to keep playing the fear card.”

In that speech, Rove suggested Republicans can prevail in 2006 by showing Democrats had undermined terrorism-fighting efforts by questioning Bush’s authority to allow wiretapping without getting court approval first.

Since when is questioning the President over a more serious offense than what his predecessor was impeached for undermining terror-fighting efforts? Is this President ABOVE the law? Are Republicans above the law? It seems so.

Bush better hope the Democrats don’t have a spectacular mid-term election and take back the house, he’ll get impeached for sure.


2 Responses to “Playing the fear card”

  1. I’m questioning those credentials right now … just kidding. In the scheme of things, Hill Baby is much more moderate than people say she is. I mean, I am more left than she is on some issues.

    For the record: Bayh/Edwards ’08!

    Now you can question my gender card. LOL!

  2. I think that the Republicans blame Clinton for Terror, never realizing that had they given the blow job the appropriate amount of attention, Clinton could have focused more on OBL…

    Of course, Clinton did an excellent job despite the distractions of impeachment–just imagine what he could have done without the distraction.

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