Project 2C – Holy Flipping Hell!

Project 2C is going to be re-doing the electrical in my bathroom.

The way things are now I have 3-electrical devices in the bathroom. 1. Fluorescent lights on either side of the mirror, 2. An overhead light and fan, 3. An overhead heater. You may have noticed one item is missing – an outlet in the bathroom to plug electric razors, hair dryers or anything else into.

Here is the current dilemma – I mapped the circuits tonight and each of those three things is on a different circuit. The overhead light/fan is on the general overhead lighting circuit, the fluorescent lights are on the general outlets circuit, and the old heater is on it’s own circuit.

Unfortunately this is all old knob-tube wiring which means I’ll have to pay something on the order of $300 for new wiring just in material costs. That is unless I discover that the old heater circuit is actually grounded, but I don’t think it is. *shrugs*

So this is playing into my theory that I need to estimate how long things will take and triple or quadruple the time I think it is going to take. At least I expect that now. The good news is that I actually enjoy doing these kinds of things.


3 Responses to “Project 2C – Holy Flipping Hell!”

  1. you will make somebody a wonderful husband.

    I abhore the thought of playing with electricity or plumbing.


  2. I guess I will make a good husband one day. I’m also good at domestic chores like cooking and cleaning as well, though it may be difficult to see that if you walked into my house right now.

  3. Lovely. Electrical work is not my cup of tea. Thank goodness we have a contractor friend.

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