Project 2B and 2C

This weekends project – Installing new hardware in the shower. While this should only take a couple of hours I’m expecting it to be an all-weekend project.

I’m also going to purchase the light fixtures and new vent fan plus all the switches and wiring to put them in. I’ve abandoned the idea of using wainscoting in the bathroom since I can’t figure out how to get it home and it would end up being more expensive than drywall. Not to mention putting the drywall up will be 1. A proper installation, 2. Be easier to work with, 3. Allow me to properly seal the holes in the ceiling from the old fans/hardware that has been in the house the past 50 years.

I’m installing a combination light/fan over the shower, light over the vanity, and a recessed light to light the back corner where the commode is at. I hope the recessed light doesn’t make the commode appear like a stage as I’m not into performances that involve those bodily functions.

These changes to design should allow me to get the work done fairly quickly.


One Response to “Project 2B and 2C”

  1. but it could be a fun stage!

    The important part of lighting over the commode is that you can read whilst presiding.

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