What I think about Governor Tim Kaine D-COCM

MT was talking about the State of the Union address that our fearless leader gave the other night and had some excellent points. She also said I may have better insights into Governor Kaine D-COCM. Here is what I was going to post in her comment section but thought was too long, so this will serve as my blog entry for today.


What do I think about Tim Kaine? He was running for Governor of the Commonwealth of Conservative Morons as I was on my way out of that God forsaken piece of shit commonwealth.

Tim Kaine is the most high profile Democrat on my shit list presently. For someone that was exhibiting “…a complete avoidance of social issues that seem to divide America…” in his response to the SOU speech he is definately not showing that kind of restraint while presiding over the laws in the COCM. He’s pandering to the extreme Christian right by signing legislation to discriminate against homosexuals which just boggles my mind. Honestly, when are these dipshits going to realize what we are fighting for is equal protection under the law (see US Constitution – Amendment 14 Section 1) and that when you make laws that take away or deny something to a certain class of individuals that you are not providing equal protection?

Mark Warner, the former Governor of the COCM, at least had the courtesy to let the discrimination laws become such without signing the damn legislation the religious zealots put in front of him. To me a smart move since he is a possible contender for President in 2008. The Republicans can’t tar him with vetoing the legistlation and Mark Warner could do much more for my community on the federal level.

My opinion is that for a state that is about to turn blue (because of the suburbs of Capitol City) they have certainly gone into overdrive writing discrimination into their law books. I actually think this is why they are so busy doing such… they want the laws there now so they don’t have to fight in the future like I have to now. Tim Kaine is in lock-step with the religious right on writing discrimination into the books. Guess what? Gay is the new black when it comes to legislating in the COCM.

Now that we have Scalito on the Supreme Court, we’ll never get this crap overturned. *blah* I think I need to go ex-pat and live in a country where they actually respect human rights instead of paying lip-service to them.

What do I think of Tim Kaine? He’s a fucking turn-coat bastard!


2 Responses to “What I think about Governor Tim Kaine D-COCM”

  1. All linked. I just hope my conservative students don’t catch on and spam you with evil comments. 😉

  2. As someone who believes in free speech I would let their comments stand so long as they are not a personal attack on me directly or, most importantly, posted anonymously. I *WILL* delete all anonymous comments.

    For those that think that is censorship… my blog, my rules. However I am open minded to dissenting opinion so long as it comes in a form other than personal attack.

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