My T-level has won the limbo contest!

Yikes! I got my blood panel results back from the doctor today. Turns out my T-Level was at 22 compared to the normal range of 175 to 781. No wonder I have not been my normal slutty self lately but I kind of like not chasing that around anyhow. Hopefully I’ll remain in the lower range of normal somewhere around 250 or so as I’ve noticed I’m much calmer and happier where I’ve been at.


2 Responses to “My T-level has won the limbo contest!”

  1. I understand the calmer and happier part. I don’t think I have your medical problem exactly (though my doctor wants to test for it again), but it has a similar effect. Lets me concentrate on other matters, at least, lol.

  2. Calm and happy is nice. Feeling like I’m sitting in the middle of a forest fire from about 3:30 PM until I go to bed isn’t much of a picnic though.

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