Long ass commute… but worth it!

Today I took a half day off. Why? I’ve been up in Washington, DC and decided that instead of driving down Sunday I would commute all the way from DC to Conservative Hell this morning. Everyone tells me it takes 5:30 to drive CH/DC, it took me 4:15. So here I sit. Oddly, I didn’t need to rush down to the office as there is nothing to do today which is a bit unsettling.

What did I do this weekend?
(warning: Brokeback Mountain spoiler below in the 4th paragraph of the Saturday section)

I drove to DC and met up with my host and we stayed in since I didn’t arrive in Georgetown until 6:30 and was very tired. For dinner we had steak and lobster and he is a wonderful cook. It was also his birthday so I gave him his card and a modest gift.

We drove to the Granite Warehouse in Springfield, VA where we looked at slabs of stone to use as his new kitchen countertops when he gets the cabinets replaced. The cost at Home Depot – $4,000, cost at this place? $2200. Too bad they don’t deliver to CH.

After the Granite Warehouse we went to lunch at a gay restaurant in Crystal City. The food was o.k. the company was better. After dining we went back to the condo and rested for a bit.

That evening we drove down to DuPont Circle and had happy hour and dinner with a couple of his friends. After talking with them I realized he has great taste in who he pals around with and I found these guys to be intellectually stimulating. Apparently this is a trait common in many folks in DC, except the panhandlers.

After dinner at an Italian Restaurant we parted ways with the friends and went to the theater to see Brokeback Mountain. Overall I was impressed with the artistic angle, but not the storyline. to me it ended too much like they took the Matthew Sheppard incident and applied it to 1980’s Texas.

We got up, read the Washington Post then got in the car and drove to Annapolis, MD. I had never been to the capitol of Maryland so it was a bit of a treat. I found it amusing that the capitol of an eastern state was in city smaller than my town. I do love the architecture of old town though.

After dining on crab cakes for lunch we took off and went back to College Park, MD and a shopping trip to IKEA since I wanted to see what kind of kitchen cabinets they had available. Good news – I can do my kitchen for about $3000 at their store… Bad news – They don’t deliver to Conservative Hell. *shrugs*

Last night we went to have dinner at a Thai restaurant called Thaiphoon. Apparently some dignitary was arriving at the Hilton up the street (Same hotel that John Hinkley Jr. used for target practice) and Connecticut Avenue was blocked off to vehicle traffic. We were allowed to walk across the street so it must not have been anyone *too* important.


3 Responses to “Long ass commute… but worth it!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Isn’t love grand?

  2. A person doesn’t know until they are hit with the real thing… I’ve experienced many times what I thought was love, but this is SOOO different.

  3. Sounds like a brilliant trip. I love Annapolis (the town, not the university, although I have visited both).

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