Project 2A-1D… Success!

After nearly two-weeks of not being able to brush my teeth or shave at my bathroom sink I was able to do both today. I find it amazing how little things like doing that make the house seem more livable.

Unfortunately my hands now resemble hamburger. I ended up having to replace *all* the drain plumbing for the bathroom except the toilet. I replaced the drains for the shower and the sink all the way from the sewer main out through the vent in the roof.

I took a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade under the house to cut out the old pipes figuring I could just patch in somewhere down the line and thought 6 feet down would be far enough to get clear pipe. Nope! I cut through the pipe and when it came apart I took a look and it was clogged worse than a McDonald’s junkies arteries – it suddenly became clear why water wasn’t draining.

When I saw this I decided I might as well re-plumb the entire drain system for both the shower and the sink. I took the shower line apart and it was half clogged. I made sure that I went into overkill with clean-out access points so if they get this clogged again the person that has to clean it will be able to get into it.

So after 8-hours under the house and three trips to the big blue hardware store I have drains that FUNCTION! Yippie! It’s amazing. Now they drain so well they just about pull me down with the dirty water. The shower drain swirls now, and the water in the sink just goes right down.

At least it’s done now.


8 Responses to “Project 2A-1D… Success!”

  1. Congratulations… although I still shave in the shower.


    I hope the experience wasn’t too draining.

  2. Honestly it was rather draining (ha) but not due to the project itself. I probably would have finished it in about 2/3 the time, but my recent issue causes fatigue, so it took longer. I would have waited on this project but it *had* to be done.

    I’m resting tonight.

    Let’s hope I get the happy fun drug from my doctor tomorrow that helps fix this.

  3. Yippee! There’s nothing like a swirly shower drain to make me happy. We occasionally have issues with the drain in the upstairs tub because it gets clogged up with my long hair. At times like that, I love my husband and his high gross-out threshold. πŸ˜‰

    As for the happy drugs … man, I could use me some of those!

  4. Nah, the happy fun drug in question would make you grow lots of hair. Your husband might flee!

  5. hmmm … and I was hoping for prozac. πŸ˜‰

  6. Different happy drugs for different people, obviously…

  7. I still need someone to fix upstairs toilet. It needs plunged almost every day. Blah.

  8. MT, I’d come help you with that plumbing problem but I live a couple states away. *shrugs*

    I got a referral to the new doctor that is going to help me with the “happy fun drug”. I’m looking forward to it as I am currently lacking drive. This is a weird feeling… I find certain guys attractive like I did in the past but I am just not interested in doing anything with them.

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