Where in the world is… CQ going?

Sing the above to the Carmen San Diego tune.

I am going to take a hell of a vacation this year. I’ve had such a wonderful past year that I’m going to just go somewhere. The world is my oyster! As such, I’m now taking suggestions on where to go. It can be ANYWHERE in the world. The criteria is as follows:

1. It can’t be a place that American’s are “not allowed” to travel to – IE North Korea or Cuba. Though I think I should be able to travel to any place I want regardless of what the government in my country thinks. I thought we had freedom of choice in Amerika?

2. Please do not suggest locations inside the United States. I’ve got a passport, dammit, and I’m gonna use it!

3. Please do not suggest places that are currently considered a war zone.

4. Oh, and it can’t be a country I’ve already been to. So please do not suggest the UK, US, Mexico, or Canada.

That’s it! I have a few locations in mind already, but I’m interested in what all of you have to say. If I pick your suggested location I’ll bring back a modest gift for you from that place.

I’ve held passports in all colors used by the United States except black. If anyone can tell me what colors I’ve had for all my passports they win… er… nothing. I’ll be impressed though! HINT: There was a brief period that I held two VALID US passports.


7 Responses to “Where in the world is… CQ going?”

  1. green and blue are two that come to mind.

    I got your email about this question, and i have a follow up question: does gay friendly matter–that is, are you seeking a gay scene in addition to the great destination, or is the great destination all that matters?

    One last point: You can go to North Korea, as far as the United States is concerned. However, North Korea doesn’t allow US citizens to visit very often–so your blame is misdirected here. As for Cuba, you can go… but you cannot spend US dollars (or money from the US) there. That makes it a bit tricky, and effectively closes it…

  2. New Zealand is always worth a visit, but remember that in June, July and August that it is rainy in the north of the country and wintery in the south. If you go, take the train from Auckland to Wellington…goes right through the interior of the North Island and you can see over 8 hours a fantastic variety of scenery.

  3. Adam-

    Gay friendly would be nice but not the specifically what I’m looking for. IE, I’m not looking for gay entertainment venues but general nice scenery and maybe an adventure activity or two.

    Oh, and you got the first two passport colors right, but you’re at an advantage sine you’ve seen my green passport. 😉

  4. Mike-

    If I go there I plan to go at the appropriate time, IE the early NORTHERN spring/winter.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I dream of the three I’s and an J. [Ireland, Iceland, India, and Japan] Iceland and Japan are pricey. Gary owes me a trip to Ireland and I don’t want to go to India alone, unless it’s really like a Bollywood set. (LOL)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Australia..Blimey it’s gotta be Australia! Good-Day Mate. By the way anyplace that calls every body their mate can’t be too bad. Ed

  7. Off the top of my head, I cannot recommend Prague enough — it’s got enough history, enough museums, enough scenery, and a gay scene without being too large.

    You asked me about Budapest: good choice, the immediate scenery on the Buda side is pretty, but given your taste, I think that hungary runs more toward the plains than dramatic cliffs and high mountains.

    Those are my first thoughts.

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