Project 2A-1B

I have the new bathroom sink *mostly* installed. I can’t seem to get the drain line to mate-up with the drain stub coming out of the wall. After spending 45-minutes at the big blue hardware store in the plumbing department I’ve concluded that I have to hacksaw the old fitting off, get a rubber boot, and re-plumb the drain with modern hardware.

I did manage to get the water shut-off valves installed which means that any future projects involving this sink will not require I shut the water off to the entire house. As it stands now, the only time I’ll have to do that is if I work on an outside faucet or the shower stall plumbing.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get the sink done tonight. Shaving in the shower and brushing my teeth at the kitchen sink are going to get old quickly.


One Response to “Project 2A-1B”

  1. Personally, shaving in the shower is the way to go — it’s one of the last things I do during a hot shower–no shaving cream required just the blade.

    After the shower I use the mirror to get the spots where I cannot feel what to do–and I miss the days that I had a fog-free mirror in the shower, but the suction cups only lasted so long and then I moved to a flat without smooth walls in the shower.

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