No more photos for a while

I’m going back to ho-hum blog entries. I figured I’ve gone into photo overload the last week or so.

What am I up to? The past couple of days I’ve dropped about $400 at the big-box hardware stores. I needed new bathroom hardware for my shower, a new vanity and sink, towel bars, faucet for the sink, etc. Hopefully this will resolve a few bathroom issues such as my sink that sprays water across the room into the shower and the leak in the shower itself. Oddly, this stuff worked just fine when I moved into the place. No worries, I was planning on replacing it all anyhow. While in the middle of this I will be installing water shut-off valves on the sink feeder lines.

While in the big blue hardware store, I had to take the vanity off the shelf about four feet above the floor so naturally I pulled something related to my recent problems. I feel like I’ve stepped back about a week in my recovery. I should have asked for help, but I’m a stubborn Scorpio and decided I could do it myself. *shrugs*

So that is my project tonight after cooking supper – start putting the sink together.

This time I’m listening to my body and will stop if things get too difficult.


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