Bad Day

Today was a bad day. I was rather depressed but at least I had someone here to help me over the hump.

A good friend of mine is coming for a visit next weekend for New Years, so I’ll be happy about that. Other than that I’m sitting here wishing the pain would go away, but at least it’s getting better each day.

Tomorrow will be better I’m sure.


4 Responses to “Bad Day”

  1. 😦

    Chris… chris… chris…

    All things keep getting better.

  2. Sending positive thoughts ….

  3. Hey Chris, just take things 1 hr at a time..just stay focused in NOW, not the past or the future….Ok, thats my crappy advice for dealing with depressions. Now the good news: Remember the letter you wrote regarding freeing the state from the horrors of Biblical Sin…A friend of mine wants to use it in his Podcast ( in an upcoming episode where he puts a fundy in the hotseat and asks the really HARD questions…hope you’re OK with that.

  4. Mark – yes, please feel free to use it, just cite the source. 🙂

    I’d love to see/hear the podcast and how to get to it. E-mail me the addy!

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