Absolutely Appalling

When I read about dead American soldiers arriving home as freight I had to cry. No flag draped casket, no color guard, no nothing. Just dropped at the local airport for the family to pick-up.

Regardless of what one thinks of the war in Iraq they should find it absolutely appalling that the powers that be cannot find any respect for the people dying in this conflict. That draft dodger Bush would be put up in the rotunda of the US Capitol and people would come from near and far to view the dimwitted ones body, yet we can’t afford a simple flag for dead service men and women?

Our military personnel deserve better than this.


One Response to “Absolutely Appalling”

  1. I generally never remove comments but I just removed one here. I don’t mind people having a difference of opinion with me and I leave the comments up, but those that show their difference of opinion by attacking me personally will be deleted.

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